Christopher has sent us this inspiring email quoting Joanna.

“Firmly establish your intention to live your life for the healing of the world. Be conscious of it, honour it, nurture it every day.
Do not meet power on its own terms. See through to its real nature–mind and heart made. Lead your response from that.
Simplify. Clear way the dead wood in your life. Look for the heartwood and give it first call on your time, the best of your energy.
Put down the leaden burden of saving the world alone…
As a bird flies on two wings, balance outer activity with inner sustenance.
With great patience to yourself, learn to make beautiful each action, word, and thought.
Sit with hatred until you feel the fear beneath it. Sit with fear until you feel the compassion beneath that.
Do not set your heart on particular results. Enjoy positive action for its own sake and rest confident that it will bear fruit.
Staying open, staying grounded, remember that you are the inheritor of the strengths of thousands of generations of life.
Staying open, staying grounded, recall that the thankful prayers of future generations are silently with you.
Staying open, staying grounded, know that the deep forces of Nature will emerge in the aid of those who defend the Earth.
When you see weapons of hate, disarm them with love.
When you see armies of greed, meet them in the spirit of sharing.
When you see fortresses of narrow-mindedness, breach them with truth.
When forces of power seek to isolate us from each other, reach out with joy.
In it all and through it all, holding to your intention, let go into the music of life. Dance!
Yours for the “grande virada,”


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