As much conflict and violence engulfs the world…

Rachel points out an article featured in the Guardian about the Forgiveness Project , working with grassroots victim support and reconciliation. It is inspiring to see people doing something to help those in need of support, without dogma or religious affiliation. As Chick Yoghurt says there is much to be done here at home with regard to domestic violence alone. Ifan made a wonderful point the other day when he said that if those who experience or inflict trauma or suffering only realized the experience of joy that is the base of our being, this would liberate so many from much unnecessary pain and suffering. By accepting the contingency of nature and opening to its wonder, instead of hiding in fear, despair and neurosis we could be free of much misery. That is not to negate or belittle real suffering, but to support and comfort it as the Forgiveness Project is doing. As Anne Gallagher says we should not judge, but bring closure through storytelling, music and dance. Yes, let’s do that.


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