Even Blair doesn’t vote for Blair any more…

…as the government was defeated twice last night in the House of Commons. Tony Blair failed to show up for a crucial vote that was lost by, you guessed it, one vote. Did the Illuminati whisper in his ear or can’t he be bothered any more or is he losing faith in his own plans to take away our liberties. This time it was about stirring up religious hatred, a bill already defeated in the Lords. On the other side of the pond Dubya babbled on about “radical Islam” in a State of the Union address that repeated the old mantra “It’s them terrists wot dun it!” which of course we already know as he’s been talking the same tosh since 9/11. Maya Evans was on Newsnight and seemed confident and articulate, which was more than could be said for the Blair spin doctor on call for the occasion. At least George Galloway turned up to vote for his master. All that Big Brother dressage was good for something. Will Blair now get the message that we have had enough erosion of our freedom? Don’t hold your breath.
PMQs Simon Hoggart
From the blogs: the Apollo Project.
While in Europe a cartoon of Muhammad first published in Denmark has caused anger amongst the Muslim community and is being reprinted in several other European countries. According to Reporters Without Borders the two cartoonists have received death threats.


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  1. Do you think that by wrting ‘Mohammed’ you are in someway depicting him? If so we are both standing in the way of a man and his oily virgins ceridwen…

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