Vernon’s appeal has been turned down…

…by a US District Court judge yesterday. The judge said “It would be an exercise in speculation” to find out whether the lethal injection that will kill him would cause unnecessary pain and suffering. The ACLU has called for an immediate halt to executions in the State of Maryland where Vernon is due to be executed. In the past 30 years 122 people were released from death row as they were found to be innocent. Public opinion in the US seems to be changing as more people realise the death penalty is wrong. The ACLU also believes that the death penalty is against the eighth and fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution. A disproportionate number of inmates on death row are Latino or Native or African Americans.


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2 Responses to Vernon’s appeal has been turned down…

  1. Sorry for an irrelevant post. Just to let you know that my links have disappeared as a result of overzealous template fiddling. You will be restored to the status of weird welsh woman shortly.

    Funny how in the US opinions on the death penalty may be slowly changing. Here people are banging on about its return again. Do we have to be so go damn anti american! 😉

    The Aye of the beholder

  2. Many of my best friends are American. A lot of the sources for our blog postings come from a critical American hack who is an old pro and also one of the finest chocolate cake makers I know. His bread pudding is divine!

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