Cartoon wars…Germany nervous!

…From our war correspondent. Spiegel Online says Jyllands-Posten wanted to stir up trouble. Spiegel is worried about the stockpiling of sketches and calls for editorial disarmament. Maybe they’ll rebuild the Berlin wall with old Asterix comics. A monument to the Holocaust of bad taste that seems to be the fashion in the global village at the moment. We hear Iran is giving up nuclear weapons and devoting its entire defence budget to subsidising unemployed cartoon artists. Art schools all over Europe are empty as the students rush to pick up the petrodollar bonanza in Tehran. About one thing Spiegel is wrong. The Americans have the cartoons on Flickr, owned by Yahoo. Well she would say this, wouldn’t she? Does the State Department not have a Flickr account? While Jyllands-Posten refuse to publish Iranian cartoons. Where’s their sense of editorial balance. It’s OK in Denmark to make fun of Muslims but not Jews.


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