Cartoon Wars

…A week may be a long time in politics but modern communications compress a lot into such a small span of time. It was on February 1 that we first blogged the Cartoon Wars. From the pages of an obscure Danish newspaper a few silly drawings have set the world on fire and exposed the divisions in European civil society as well as demonstrated how little we understand the Islamic world, its problems and sensitivities. The girls prefer sensitive men according to an Indian blog I read today. Well Flemming Rose has sure trod on a few toes this week. I wouldn’t want to be near him on the dance floor. There is a growing climate of fear and racism in Europe. Denmark and Holland both have a nasty xenophobic tendency. While visiting an art exhibition in Amsterdam, Ifan was told by a Dutchman to go back where he came from. So much for the European Union. A friend of ours was mugged in a racist attack in the same city in the same week. Where is all this taking us. Not to the nirvana of free speech for sure. Wake up to the racist elephant on your doorstep, Europe.


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