Where do you draw the line?

…An American correspondent from Florida has sent us this commentary on the Cartoon Wars. We have our own self censorship problems today as the pictures Ifan saw in Amsterdam are taken off the blog as the artist concerned does not wish to be associated even with people who are just discussing the cartoons never mind publishing them! Where does he draw his lines? At least we know where Rita Verdonk and Geert Wilders in Holland, home of skunk and porn, draw their’s.

“The trouble with drawing lines is that they are ultimately divisive and
there will always be disputed territory on either side of them.

Regarding the current imbroglio–I’m reminded of a time years ago when a
little film called “The Last Temptation of Christ” came out and the furor it
caused in some circles. I remember standing in a waiting line outside the
one theatre showing it and the group of protesters marching back and forth,
dragging a large wooden cross, pounding their bibles and loudly spouting
hell-fire and damnation slogans.
One of the demonstrators came up and begged me not to see the film and
telling me that if I did that I would be crucifying Jesus all over again.
Not to mention that God would be very offended.
I replied that as far as crucifying anyone was concerned it was they, and
not I, who were carrying a cross around. Also, that if their God was indeed
all powerful, then I was certain that He could overcome something as small
as one little movie and that carrying on like they were demonstrated a
decided lack in faith in His omnipotence and Godly nature.

I feel pretty much the same way now. If Allah is as great as Allah is
supposed to be then He can certainly handle a few tasteless cartoons. And,
if depicting Mohammed is the problem, then the reaction is nothing less than
the idolatry that the Prophet hoped to avoid in his exhortation not to
produce such images in the first place, is it not?

The whole thing has the unpleasant after-taste of an organized, orchestrated
manipulation aimed at mis-direction. From what to what is still unclear.”


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