Whalemeat turned into dogfood?

…When I read this I followed Cyberamiga’s advice and polished off the rest of the tequila. When I think of all the fuss that one whale made in London and now I find out the Japanese use whalemeat as a healthy and natural dog food I have to confess it put my life back into perspective. My own dog, a German shepherd, is worth more to me than most people I know. But I would never give her whalemeat, no matter how healthy it is. Still I’m just a boring agoraphobic conservationist. Who cares what I think. Friday night dad and me decided to get drunk online to celebrate this bizarre discovery. He drank me under my laptop (literally as I woke up to find it in my bed) and I also woke up with a hangover Barbara Ellen would be proud of, feeling like I wanted to die. Then dad emailed me and made a very good point about his mum. She never used to drink and ran a sort of animal hospital in the garage. She new the name of every bird on the roof, and could point out the broken wings she had nursed back to health. One day he asked her what she thought of death. She said she would go back to the earth and did not think it was much of a big deal. She died in peace with great dignity and composure. Dad said two moments defined his life. His son’s birth and his mum’s death, and to this very day he’s still trying to recover from both experiences. He missed my arrival. We first met years later, but that’s another story. It’s a Sony! Let them eat whalemeat! McWhale. Made in Japan.
WDCS (Whale conservation)


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2 Responses to Whalemeat turned into dogfood?

  1. pastafaria says:

    This is horrible! You are doing a great job by pointing this out. Why do we have no respect for these magnificent mammals that mean us no harm.

  2. Pastafarian says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster would not approve of what the Japanese are doing. Well done, Ceridwen, for speaking out about this horrible trade. We had a Greenpeace demo in Berlin recently.

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