Headless chicken syndrome hits America!…

…as the dual President does some target practice! The Cheney Illuminati clone and reptile alien was probably trying to encourage the troops. Brainshrub has done the forensic algebra, whatever that is. While the Wall Street Journal has the jokes. I like the one about Cheney having the worst aim in the White House since Bill Clinton. One of the symptoms of headless chicken syndrome, or HCS, is the kneejerk reaction, which could have been the cause of this accident.


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2 Responses to Headless chicken syndrome hits America!…

  1. glenda says:

    cheney is a clone. Glenda

  2. Inka-Wolfy says:

    The accident occured because Cheney mistook Whittington for Dan Quayle. The Bush’s still haven’t forgiven him for being such a lousy VP.

    Dubya stated yesterday that he’s standing behind Cheney.

    Goooood choice.

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