No way do I agree with David Irving…

…but how come he faces ten years inside when Flemming Rose just gets sent on holiday? Double standards? Whatever gave me that idea! Maybe the thought that the law seems to be getting more one-sided every day. A British hacker facing extradition could be whisked off to Guantanamo Bay for searching for UFOs in US Defense computers. One man’s nonsense is another girl’s Weltanschauung and there is a world of difference between fighting crime and fighting ideas. As President de Gaulle said of Jean Paul Sartre, one does not arrest Voltaire. It’s a fine line but is it right for one country fighting what many feel is an illegal war to extradite one of its citizens to another country fighting the same illegal war, when evidence of torture emerges daily? Sorry for the long sentence. I’ve been translating German all afternoon. Gary McKinnon should not be sent to the USA. This extradition treaty should be reviewed.


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