Change will be painful…

…if we are to have a future. Climate change is a reality and the longer we remain in denial the more painful the adjustment will be. We have the choice of acting now or leaving the mess for our children to clean up. What a legacy we shall leave our grandchildren. I don’t have any kids yet, but if and when I do, during an average lifespan they will not enjoy my comforts either way. Robert Newman makes a good point when he says we shall have to choose between capitalism and a habitable planet. Tell that to Shell. The company made record profits in the last year of $23 billion. Yet if it had had to pay the full environmental impact of its activities it would have made a loss. Yet there is an alternative, biofuel, which is already widely available in Brazil. Ethanol is now available in the UK, and Tesco now pumps a petrol blend with 5% ethanol made from sugar. It is time for a windfall tax on the oil companies profits to fund fuel that is less damaging to our future. The Brazilians have achieved a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. If they can do it so can we.


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