Don’t panic, hitchhikers!

…as headless chicken syndrome spreads. Britain’s defence secretary is now also in charge of the nation’s health. Still the BBC must take what it gets these days. At least they could get a government spokesman to come on the box. Usually they announce that the government was invited to come on the programme, but nobody was available. After all since when do governments have to explain what they do to the people. No junta survives by those outdated methods. We can now sleep easy in our beds knowing that the nation’s health is in the safe hands of the MOD. Look what these guys did to Iraq! Doesn’t that give you confidence? At least the Conservatives have put the Shadow Chancellor in charge. So if bird flu strikes under the Tories, they won’t be wasting the nation’s money fighting it. We hear that Catatonia is widening Offa’s Dyke to keep out the Saxons in case of an outbreak there. Professor Oxford is quoted as saying that some European countries are better organized, such as France and Holland, which probably explains why people in Britain have to pay such large gas bills. As from midnight tonight all wild birds seeking to enter the UK will require a visa as well as a valid credit card and $10,000 in cash. HCS rules!
Mike, the headless chicken


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