Free speech, Austrian style…

…Three years, mate. Stone me! Just for writin’ a bleedin’ book. Yer don’t get that for knickin’ one in London, mate. Isn’t Austria the land of old Adolf, that geezer wot helped indirectly to found the State of Israel, land of the caterpillars? Mr. Irving even said ‘e made a mistake, guvnor. Still got three years. When’s Flemming Rose up in court for incitement to burn down embassies etc.? Sorry mate, he ain’t Austrian!


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One Response to Free speech, Austrian style…

  1. Robert Swipe says:

    Quite so Ceri.

    Bet he now wishes he’d purchased that Dalek bottle opener, like the one I just bought at the Dr. Who exibition in Cardiff Bay, after all.

    Oh the fun he could be having with his laugh-a-minute teutonic prison wardens:


    Only trouble is, the laughs come at price – I’ve been through 25 crates of ale since Sunday!



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