Diary of a Goddess…

…Just settled in and had my first night’s sleep in Green Vomit Manor. We are surrounded by Sitka spruce and I keep thinking I’m in Norway. No salmon for breakfast though. Just toast and marmelade, with China tea. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be a hugging goddess or a silent one, or maybe a witchy one who casts spells. Still I’m sure the natives or the aliens will let me know. Blobmother called round to say she had seen a green man on the way home. I suggested we replace absinthe with tequila for the sacred rituals, but we’ve run out of lemons. I’ve been researching the life cycle and reproductory habits of locusts. Apparently they only swarm after stratching each other’s hind legs, which lets them know it’s time to change colour and eat half of sub-Saharan Africa. Is there a blogger’s equivalent of the back leg scratch? Any suggestions that have nothing to do with Dick Cheney will be considered.


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