St David’s day (Part 1)…

…as the grand confusion begins. We have found some technical advice from the Germans to help explain the Dewi Sant confusione grande 2006. As usual Emperor Constantine is to blame. He fucked up the dates in the first place in 325. Then Pope Gregory 1 said we should all fast like Jesus for 40 days. Then in 1091 they moved the dates again, except for Baden and Basel where they still celebrate old style with a kneesup Mother Brown starting on the Monday after Ash Wednesday at 4am with the Morgenstraich. Much flour soup and mulled wine is consumed. Meanwhile back in Düsseldorf the old crones, or Ceridwens in Welsh, had a dirty Thursday in Uerige in the Altstadt with much local Altbier being consumed. Green Vomit Manor will have lost track of all of this sometime after Newsnight tonight because of the reposado. The truth is of course that far from fasting, Jesus was actually a family man who emigrated to Provençe along with her indoors, famous Isis priestess Mary Magdalene. They were really organic wine growers who used their occult powers to turn the local aqua into vino, and following the popularity of this party trick went on to found the Royal House of France. The truth is being revealed this very moment as part of a publicity stunt by Random House in the High Court in London. Wikipedia has a shorter version of the tale available for free. Wir, natürlich, bleiben Weibertreu und feiern Schwäbisch-Alemannisch in Rottweil, where Mother Ceridwen is represented by Cyberamiga.
Der Köbes kommt gleich.


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