St David’s day (Part 2)…

…The Senedd has been opened by Her Royal Indoors. Is it a parliament, a branch of Tesco or an eco-friendly talking shop? Only time and the Standards Board will tell. Red Ken’s suspension has been suspended and democracy restored to the smoke. A cat has caught bird flu in Germany and I’m fucking depressed. As global warming strikes Wales, the Sitka spruce is covered in snow and it looks even more like Norway. We shall be skiing to the corner shop for the beer to celebrate St David’s day (Part 2) or maybe some mulled wine for the ápres-ski. Come to Aberblah to get in shape for Vancouver 2010. The Green Vomit Manor red dragon bunting looks so picturesque in the snow. This gothic folly looks creepy and desolate covered in white. It’s enough to give you SAD syndrome! However our blogging therapist says we should look on the bright side and the B organisation have just offered to pay off Pamela Greene-Vomyte’s overdraft and the folly’s mortgage if we turn Green Vomit Manor into an offshore casino and brothel. We said they should come back after global warming by which time we would be an island republic off the coast of the Yorkshire Dales. I feel I should make some profound philosophical statement in keeping with the duties of a goddess on such an historical day for the Welsh nation. After all skiing would do wonders for the local economy and who cares about the environmental degredation? C’est absurde! I have a sneaky feeling that the slowing down of the Gulf Stream by 30% has something to do with all this freak weather. We are lost, sisters, lost as hell.


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