St David’s day (Part 3)…

…Please no more tequila! Not even with Atlantic sea salt and limes as our intrepid researcher and bon viveur pointed out recently is the correct way to drink reposado. Today we are Church in Wales Dewi Sant so it’s San Emilio Pedro Ximenez and Welsh cakes with the vicar this evening. Our man in Berlin is promoting Aberblahblahblah as a ski resort and thermal Heilbad as a way to invest the B organization’s gift expected any day now. Still feel like I’m in Norway. At least we stocked up with baked beans before the mini Ice Age set in. The daffodils look gorgeous in the snow.


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One Response to St David’s day (Part 3)…

  1. Inka-Wolfy says:

    hop on a plane and come to Peru. I am sweating like a pig. Is it Beer-O’Clock already? Cuz I need a cold one..

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