Settling in as a squatter…

…after deciding to stay in Amsterdam for a while. The coach ride from Berlin was a boring ride down the Autobahn. We slept most of the way. After the clowns’ bank squat and the joys of settling in to a minimalist life style, routine sets in up to a point. We have the luxury of a shower, which is more than most squatters have. This city is a sort of Disneyland for adults. Labour (PvdA) was the winner in the local elections this week increasing its seats on the council from 15 to 20. Tonight I’m going to check out OT301. This evening they have a dance performance. Found a cool store specializing in second-hand clothes, so I’m going to kit myself out in activist black, de rigueur for the scene here. Cyberamiga, pixel black dakini.


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