Shaggy Sheep goes vegan…

…for one night only, as this evening Pamela Greene-Vomyte does a rawfood buffet down at the local. In an effort to revive the pub’s catering fortunes our Pam will be showing the wonders of organic veggies to the local boyos. Organic food is one of the fastest growth areas in the food industry. No wonder when you think of all the E numbers and BSE. I wonder whether we can really wean them off their pasty and chips. We shall see. Cyberamiga has decided to hang out in Amsterdam for a while and tells me they have a lovely organic farmer’s market every Saturday. So everyone is detoxing and leaving me alone with the tequila, apart from Blobmother, who swears by “la Bleue Clandestine” absinthe Suisse. We all worship the green fairy here so maybe I’ll join her for a shot or two later. She’s pretty hardcore but has a heart of gold and is the best hugging goddess I know. However first I must get ready to go and sample the veggie goodies. We’ll be getting goats in next just wait and see. Are they vegan? And if we are can we still keep them just for fun? We are thinking of getting a small windmill at Green Vomyte Manor so we can become independent of the National Grid. Together with a couple of solar panels it should supply all our electricity needs. Aberblah will never be the same again. Shaggy Sheep, here I come. Ciao ragazzi!


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