Pass the tequila, Norway’s getting closer!

…New data in the Journal of Glaciology shows that the polar caps are adding 20 billion tonnes of water to the oceans each year. So the Aberblah fjord is getting closer every day. The sitka spruce will look lovely in the snow on the edge of the water and the salmon fishing should be great. No good for vegans like Pamela though. I hope our organic garden will still be above water. We shall be getting a load of organic mushroom compost soon and I have it on good authority that we need at least four inches of it to make a nice mulch. Together with some diluted seaweed and comfrey we shall then have the perfect mix for the veggies. The rawfood evening at the pub went quite well. Pamela answered loads of questions, mostly from a boyo who wanted to know her mobile number. It’s a Catatonian state secret so he didn’t get very far. Back to the fjord scenario, while the ice is melting it’s also snowing more so the mass of the polar caps is increasing. Then there’s the rate of ice compression. The race is on between the melting ice and the snow, and the result could determine our fjord’s future prospects. We have a new supply of tequila. Three very nice bottles, a Don Julio Anejo 100% agave, a Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado 100% agave and a Sauza Hornitos 100% agave. The Don Julio Anejo reminds me of orange marmalade. So we can now invite Slartibartfast over for a bit of aprés ski.


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