Tessagate…il processo…

…Just when we thought she was in the clear up comes il processo as hubby looks like he’s gonna be knicked. Just as well she ditched him in time.
The story so far…
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Spaghetti alla Tessa…
…Oh such culture, Italian style. As Prodi tries to unseat Berlusconi in Italy, the media magnate’s crony Tony lends his culture secretary to help Silvio with some pre-election publicity. The famous north London terraced home of Tessa Jowell is THE place to be for the paparazzi at the moment. Five mortgages, 350,000 pounds and counting, 200,000 pounds maybe added to the kitty today, not all of it traced, one mortgage paid off in what must be a record 19 days and acres of Daily Mail news coverage. Tessa this kind of media exposure comes once in a lifetime and then only to the select few. This is corrupt politics Italian style, the real deal, not some crap Tony baloney. Tony likes to spend his hols with Silvio. Silvio has so many empty holiday homes he’ll take anyone, even a New Labour prime minister. How desperate can you get? The mysterious B organisation hands out magnificent thank you payments for testimony given. There is now such a long queue of mortgage applicants outside the Italian embassy that London police have been taken off traffic duty and the Bank of England 53 million pound robbery. Berlusconi has offered to send a few carabinieri to help keep order. Tessa, listen to what the Gruaniad is saying, “Few so close to the top of the greasy pole…look or sound as wholesome as Tessa Jowell.” They are even comparing you to Virginia Bottomley! That’s endorsement. You’re on the gravy train babe. Milk it dry!
R. Swipe Offshore Financial Management

Wonder whether David will have to share a cell with Silvio?


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One Response to Tessagate…il processo…

  1. Just remembered Tessa was one of my bosses at MIND before I went to Uni. That was the time when they were releasing lots of long term mental patients and MIND was running the campaign. I don’t remember any talk of mortgages but it was a long time ago.

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