Media losing out to bloggers says Murdoch…

…the page three mogul in a speech to the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. Murdoch says we are at the beginning of a golden age, a second great age of discovery and that he may be one of the last of a dying breed. The trees should be glad to hear that deadwood with ink on it is going out of fashion. American newspaper circulation is falling. The Washington Post is down 7%, the LA Times 9.3%. Our circulation is of course up, well just a tad. The Penispam Index fell to 9 today. So here I am, Christabelle Columbus, sailing the Internet Ocean of the Blogosphere on my revolutionary mission. The traditional media is under pressure from all sides. Craigslist offers free buying and selling opportunities that take away their advertising revenue, while the net offers today’s news today and tailored to our specific needs. If Wimax and wi-fi can reach ever more users then the need to cut down trees and put ink on them and distribute them at great cost to the environment will become less and less. The internet is an interactive medium where everyone can be their own journalist and editor. The reporter in the field will always be there in some form or other as sombody has to get their feet dirty. The days of the media magnates are numbered. So get your Italian mortgage applications in fast.


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