Eviction day in Amsterdam…

My first eviction day! Caught the action on the Bilderdijkstraat where the squatters put up strong resistance for several hours against a massive presence of riot police. The cops used all their kit to no avail. Water canons, tear gas and battering rams. You would have thought Osama Bin Laden was in there, but it was just a small handfull of activists. Maybe it was a training exercise so the police could show off their shiny toys. Someone we know was working in the building next door and was not able to get out so he spent the day watching the fun. When I left to get online to write this the squatters were still holding out.
Indymedia (in Dutch) It seems as if the city is evicting people to help out the property speculators. The Wilde Western was a cultural café trying to make a contribution to the local community. It’s now a war zone.
The hearts on the trees in the bottom picture are a protest against a plan to cut down all the trees in the street. So Amsterdam does not like trees or squatters.


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