Old hippies never die…

…they come to Amsterdam, sing bajans, smoke strong dope and drink mushroom tea. Last night I met the Daddy of them all, Soma, who has this thing about Mercury retrogrades, which was why we were getting high last night and not at full moon the week before. I'm not sure what mother Ceridwen would say about that. She is a stickler for keeping the full moon sacred in spite of what the other planets are up to. She says it's part of the primal feminine from the time before there was religion and astrology, just innocent primates on the savannah of east Africa. She should know. Her mother was thrown out of Uganda by Idi Amin. That's how she got to Cardiff Bay. Still here in Mokum they have their own take on reality. One of Amsterdam's great eccentrics Radar, has been put in prison for a slight difference of opinion with his fascist landlord. Radar is the original hippy geek with geek glasses and long hair and a beard down to his knees, mad as a hatter and honest as the day is long, so I hope he gets out soon. Viva Robert Johnson! And Jimi H, and Bob M and Muddy Waters. We owe a lot to the blues. Rastafari!


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2 Responses to Old hippies never die…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that dope ya smoking the ‘erb?

  2. Cyberamiga says:

    Sure is, dude. Ganja pure and organic like Mother Nature intended!

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