The fire of passion…

Mandala of Vajrayogini
Originally uploaded by Ceridwen Devi.

…creates as it destroys. Nothing is static. Everything is in flux. Vajrayogini is the dakini of the dance, inviting us to give up our fixed ideas and to enjoy the creative spirit. Ceridwen means love of poetry, the Welsh muse. Both Ceridwen and Vajrayogini have a wrathful aspect. Watching the cars burning in Paris this week is to witness a great culture in transition. France has to change, the question is how. It’s a country I’m very fond of with its fine wine and good food, a country of paysans or pagans, of regional diversity and culture that is proud of its traditions. But it’s also a country prone to elitism that every now and again seems to need convulsions of social change. This is such a time. Voltaire is back on the barricades.


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