Climate change credibility test…

…for Labour tomorrow says Friends of the Earth when the climate change programme review is due to be published. Maybe we can look at what Sweden is up to where they plan to cut their dependence on oil and achieve total self-sufficiency in energy by 2020. The Swedes plan to use bioethanol to power their cars and burn wood and other organic matter in small localized power plants for electricity generation. 24.7 percent of Sweden’s energy comes from renewables, and only 34 percent from oil. UK carbon emissions have risen by 3 percent under Labour since 1997.”Burning plant and animal matter (biomass) could produce enough electricity to do away with more than four nuclear plants”, argues FOE.


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  1. Labour would like to do a green budget but the spin doctors reckon any colour is off the enu because they are so far in the read.
    Please read my budget entries if you have time.

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