Bob’s blogging for dummies…

…is the latest blogging e-book from Welsh media mogul Robert Swipe's blogoversity. Bob's Guide to Writing Blog Posts is, well, a blog post. This makes it concise and easy to send by "le courrier electronique" to all your blogging pals in the blogosphere. The manual has started a huge controversy in blogging circles about the existence or not of Rule 6. Not counting Rule 6 there are 9 rules, or rather 8 plus the existent or non-existent 6. Some people assert that Rule 8 solves the Rule 6 problem while others of a less mathematical inclination such as my good self are slightly confused. But it's good shit anyway.

The market for blogging guidebooks is highly competitive. On the very same day that Swipe brought his out for it's test run on what used to be known as the "information superhighway" but has since changed its name to McGoogle's Quinquireme posted a more technical sort of good shit that we also highly recommend for the beginner as well as the more advanced student.


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2 Responses to Bob’s blogging for dummies…

  1. patroclus says:

    Why thank you very much indeed for the link. Oo, and the other link! Swipe’s oeuvre and mine will shortly be entwined in one of those two-for-one offers on Amazon, making both of us rich beyond our wildest dreams.


  2. Great! The Quinquireme-Swipe Definitive Blogger’s Lexicon. Can’t wait.

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