The Search…

…How Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business. "Still in its infancy, contextual advertising has revolutionised online advertising and had a huge knock-on effect on old media. The targetted nature of contextual ads – they only get served to someone who's interested in that subject; the ad buyer only pays when someone clicks the link – has meant thousands of businesses that couldn't afford to advertise can now do so and, crucially, get results of real money-in-the-bank business driven by those ads. Shoestring businesses have enjoyed massive sales boosts as a result of this approach, without having to spend vast sums on marketing." writes Chris Mitchell of Spike magazine. Before we take this all too seriously the Onion informs us that "Google Purge" will destroy anything it cannot search, in order to keep the world simple, clean and accessible. I wonder if these guys ever heard of Kant's die Welt an sich? Meanwhile at Google it's back to core search according to today's Times. Just to see I googled "something useful" and came up with The Semantic Web is a complex human undertaking. Well, now we know.

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