A perfect day…

…starts with coffee and chocolate just like this morning. Then a preview of some beautiful thangkas just in from Nepal, including a beautiful Avalokiteshvara. My friend gives me two of his famous organic ganga cookies with isolator hash inside and I think how great sometimes to be in Amsterdam. Then on my red bicycle into town. At the moment I'm listening to Vivaldi and thinking what sort of reality do I want to spend my life in. Right now it's the one I've got. So much magic in such a short space of time. Rigmor's been having a hard time keeping fit at Cannons Health Club. Now I realise why I do Qi gong in the park. It's fun, free and I get lots of fresh air.


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2 Responses to A perfect day…

  1. sonia says:

    Sounds far too good. Why is it we never seem to be getting closer to legalization here in the UK but always seem to be taking a step back? Are we too conservative here.

    You’ve been blogged! – check out uniteddiversity ..

  2. It’s not legal in Holland, either, but the coffeeshops are tolerated and you can grow five plants at home. I’m doing “Buddha’s Sister” from http://www.somaseeds.nl/ this year, although if I had the time and climate I’d go for Amnesia Haze!

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