Amsterdam prepares for global warming…

…in the Jordaan, one of the favourite tourist spots of the city. This man’s arm was broken in a squat eviction that took place there yesterday. By the time these cops get their pension the Netherlands will probably not have much longer to exist as a country. It will be under water and millions of Dutch refugees will be pouring over the border into Germany saying sorry they kept asking for their bicycles back but could they please have a house, a job and a future? By then most of northern Germany will also be under water, along with Bangladesh, New York City, much of Florida and large parts of China.

I’m listening to Al Gore as I write this having just watched American scientists on TV saying that global warming caused by CO2 emissions is a certainty but American politicians are incapable of doing anything about it. The voters want to carry on driving their 4×4’s. I’ve noticed over the years how popular Jeeps and Land Rovers and Hummers have become in Amsterdam as Holland has become richer and richer. Shell is a Dutch company with a lousy human rights and environmental record. The Dutch Rabobank helps to finance the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, along with ABN Amro, ING and Fortis Bank, which is just about all the Dutch banks. So the Dutch are washing their own country down the plughole of history.

European and American neocolonialism is destroying the planet. Time is running out. We have ten years to change but nobody wants to. I frankly don’t care what happens to the Dutch. They have their history of slavery and colonialism so they shall reap what they have sown. But the millions of poor people in Bangladesh, once a Dutch colony till the British moved in? I care what happens to them. They don’t deserve to be the victims of our greed. Hurricane Katrina was America’s wake up call. Did they hear it? Some did. Most are still not listening. To put all this in perspective there has been life on earth for 3.6 billion years. After 160,000 years of Homo sapiens sapiens we are already at the tipping point of extinction as a result of just 250 years of affluence that started with the industrial revolution in Britain. If you want to survive this take my advice. Don’t be under forty years old. Only a revolution in our thinking and behaviour will give us a chance of survival.

Washington Post/Al Gore


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2 Responses to Amsterdam prepares for global warming…

  1. IC says:


    Everytime I hear the phrase “Global Warming” i feel sick inside. I am sick of the lies, I am sick of the hyporicisy, I am sick of the perversion, I am sick of the stupid leftist politics, I am sick of demogogues like Al Gore, I am sick people who want to destroy the environment in the name of saving it.

    There is no proof at all that Global Warming is being caused by any human act. The so called greenhouse effect is the biggest scam being foisted on unsuspecting and stupid humans since the last 7 centuries.

    Wake up man! One thing I would like to know from you (I hope you care so much) – Why do you hate humans so much? I am sure you hate humanity and that is why you are supporting these so called enviromentalists who are out to take us all back to the Stone Age.

  2. So the entire scientific community is wrong? They are just making it all up? Global warming is a fact. The greenhouse effect has been known to science since the 1850’s. IC, if you have children they will live to see that you are wrong.

  3. IC says:

    I think it was Mark Twain who wrote, “in my life I was worried about many disasters that could befall, most of which never came to pass.”

    Mark twain’s quote perfectly mirrors your mindset. You too are freeting needlessly about so called disasters that are never going to happen.

    Global Warming is a scam, engineered by leftist politicians and their goons to gain power and wealth. The Global warming lobby has collected billions of dollars in donations, the budget of terror organizations Greenpeace is today more than that of many fortune 500 companies.

    In INdia Greenpeace has caused immense damage. They held up the construction of a dam for years, they have stopped many highway projects, they oppose every new industrial project. They want India to remain a pesthole of poverty and pestilence forever.

    I plead you to stop supporting such evil organizations. The future of your childern will definitely not be secure if there is no industrialization in the third world and the poor people of those parts are forced to take up voilence….

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