Global warming is not a scam…

…These pictures are from NASA and Cambridge University and show the rate at which the Arctic and Greenland ice packs are melting. In a week that will see heatwave weather conditions in the UK would it not perhaps be sensible to be aware of what is happening rather than be in denial. If we have to engage in a worldwide political debate about the issue of global warming time will run out. The only comment we received on the last piece we wrote on this topic was “Global Warming is a scam, engineered by leftist politicians and their goons to gain power and wealth.” This kind of kneejerk fantasy in the face of hard evidence will get us nowhere. Many people I know have given up on this issue precisely because they feel that the human species is incapable of adapting quickly enough. They may well be right. My instinct says as long as we have a fighting chance we should try. The technology we need is already available. All that is required is a common consensus to use it to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. Just changing our lightbulbs would make a difference. Many small actions every day could make a difference. Make less more. Global warming/Wikipedia

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