Sleep-in posters and preparations…

…Preparations are underway for the sleep-in on Dam Square on Friday night. So far we’ve had a positive response for the idea from those we have spoken to, and many have promised to come. It really is a case of safety in numbers and publicity as it is technically illegal to sleep on Dam Square since 1970. Street medics will be on call during the night and there will be a free vegan kitchen, organised by the squatters from WildeWestenVoKu. This is intended to be a peaceful protest to show the positive side of squatting in Amsterdam. Should you come and be arrested on the night the lawyers Böhler, Franken, Koppe, Wijngaarden will be standing by to help. Radio Patapoe will be live at the event on 88.3 FM. ASCII will be hacking the night away with free internet. So come and add your voice of protest for freedom and the right to a roof over your head and show that Amsterdam has a future as a cultural and community city open to all, not just the rich.


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3 Responses to Sleep-in posters and preparations…

  1. ic says:

    You are an outright communist!

    There is nothing called a right to a roof over your head. There is only the freedom to work, so that one can PAY for a roof over ones head.

    If someone is not ready to do any productive work then it is not MY duty to provide that IDIOT with a roof over his head.

    You are only a part of the leftist conspiracy to make few hardworking people being taxed to death.

    People have the right to the product of their labor, they CAN NEVER have the right to the product of someone elses labor.

  2. damslaper says:

    It was a brilliant night, everything went great. Tons of good publicity, tons of people doing all kinds of cool stuff, and tons of activists feeling energized and happy both during and after. Wow!

  3. It sure was. I was there and will be posting my impressions.

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