Good luck baby Mert!…

…Clicking on next blog to play Billy’s small blog world I came across this small baby in Ankara, Turkey. Today baby Mert has to go into surgery for CDH (congenital diaphragma hernia) so I hope this little bit of serendipity brings Mert and his parents Emel and Aytekin plenty of health and good luck. This could be a new twist on the game. Instead of trying to find our way to Billy, which as Swipey has found out is not always that easy, we could find people and stories that we might otherwise never know about. And who knows one day we may find our way back to Billy too!


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  1. Aeryn Honey says:

    A hernia is an opening or weakness in the muscular structure of the wall of abdomen. This deficiency causes a bulging of the abdominal wall. Symptoms of a hernia include pain or discomfort and a localized swelling somewhere on the surface of the abdomen or in the groin area. It may also cause organic dysfunctions and a visible lump may occur where the hernia attacks.

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