House of Commons emergency debate on extradition…

…is taking place at this moment and some MPs have pointed out that a prisoner such as Gary McKinnon who is on benefit and cannot afford expensive lawyers would have a really hard time in the US justice and penal system. Even those MPs who like America are very critical of the US system. The Blair government is totally out of touch with the mood of the House of Commons and the people on this issue. BBC Blair is not Palmerston nor does he seem to care for the dignity and safety of British citizens. “Tony Blair has “short-changed British citizens” by signing a “lopsided” extradition treaty with the US, Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg has told MPs. Mr Clegg was granted a rare emergency Commons debate as three British bankers prepare to be sent to the US for trial over an alleged fraud.” What applies to the three NatWest bankers applies to Gary McKinnon as well.


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