All the world’s a stage…

…and if we’d had a spare 2.8 million quid on Thursday we could have stocked up on the rest of the bard’s words in the original First Folio. For some reason if I were mega rich this is one book I would love to own. It is probably the most potent icon of Englich culture there is. Another icon bit the dust on Friday as Bow Street Magistrates closed for business. If you get knicked in London you can no longer stand in the same dock as Oscar Wilde, Crippen and the Krays. Is nothing sacred? If I get busted, man I wanna follow Oscar’s footsteps. So one of crimes greatest stages is no more. Hannah has been thrown a bone by a higher being which could also become a great icon in the future and maybe a major Scottish tourist attraction as people flock to touch the Holy Bone that cures all ills. So there is yet hope for icon lovers everywhere. As one goes another takes its place. Just as long as they’re not all as expensive as a First Folio.

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