Quiet Sunday meme…

Picture/Shell beach party/Indymedia/NLMemes being all the rage at the moment here is a blow-by-blow account of a quiet Sunday in Amsterdam. 1. Get up late (it is Sunday) 2. Drink a lot of black coffee and eat chocolate to counteract effects of Belgian triple beer drunk on Saturday (9% alcohol by volume) 3. Go to Cannabis College to vapourize some Haze and drink more coffee and find out there are far too many hydroponic indicas being grown in the Netherlands sqeezing out the better organic sativas that get you high. 4. Decide to go to park for quiet picnic. 5. Get as far as Dam Square and turn around with a strange feeling I’m about to meet an old friend. 6. Meet Tibeten monk and geshe (philosophy professor) in a mad moment of synchronicity. 7. Find out that Geshe-la went to college with my own teacher Geshe Damchos at Drepung in Lhasa. 8. Think of my activist friend and Ecotopia organiser and bump into same five minutes later. 9. Find out Ukrainian journalist friend Maxym Butkevich has been arrested with over 30 others in St. Petersburg at G8. 10. Blog same and fall into bed happy, worried, confused and exhausted all at the same time.


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