Squatting Mother Russia…

…in the heart of Amsterdam just around the corner from the American Consulate. Yesterday afternoon I helped some friends successfully squat an empty building belonging to the Russian Federation. The cops were cool about it yesterday. This morning however they came round and mumbled something about it maybe being Russian sovereign territory so perhaps Putin would send in the heavy mob. If so the Polish guys can speak some Russian though I’ve never had a chat with an AK47 before. It could be a bit one sided. We have a meeting at 5pm with the Russians so we shall see what happens. Our Ukrainian friend Max got released in St. Petersburg so that was good news. The furniture inside the building is very seventies with electric shutters and air conditioning and you can’t open the windows so it is very hot inside. There is a nice garden out back surrounded by a barbed wire fence and I found some Russian dolls. Next week I hope to go to Ecotopia in Slovakia so I hope we can sort this place out by then.


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