All quiet on the Russian front…

…after a nice vegan barbecue in the garden yesterday. It turns out this place was once a Soviet consulate so we are sleeping on former Soviet territory. All they left behind were some dolls and some seventies style furniture. Two older Russian guys came by and took some pictures with a disposable camera. Today I made raw courgettes marinade in lemon juice with olive oil, garlic, red onions and fresh oregano with goat’s cheese and olives and we all had a nice lunch in the garden. This is a very quiet part of Amsterdam near the Museumplein and the Van Goch Museum. The picture above is of the Rijksmuseum, which is being rebuilt at the moment. We are very close to the German consulate. The fate of the building will be decided in court on August 10.

They were busy squatting 16 houses in Rotterdam near the Nieuwe Binneweg as well so good luck to those guys too. “These glorious 3 storey buildings which date from the 1890s and have many nice features, such as balconies on two floors, were planned first to be completely demolished, then suggested to be renovated ie completely gutted with just the front edifice remaining. Hopefully now the stay of execution can be extended into an agreement which will provide young Rotterdammers with what they desperately need: cheap affordable housing and workshop space.”


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2 Responses to All quiet on the Russian front…

  1. sonia says:

    good luck with getting some workshop space.

    i like the new look!


  2. Thanks. I like the blue. The photos seem to go weird sometimes though. Need to fix that next week somehow.

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