Lord Rees makes global warming plea…

…Lord Rees, the President of the Royal Society has made a plea for more investment by government into tackling global warming. Whether anyone will listen to his words is a moot point. We seem to be living in a state of mass denial of the obvious. I had an email from a friend today pointing out that all us green activists don’t have a clue and everything is really all due to the sun and the Mayan calender. So in 2012 it’s all over anyway and the great cosmic shift comes to the new age of something or other. This sort of tosh is all over the place and even Britain’s leading scientist can’t do much against superstition. The rich love superstition as it means they don’t have to do anything except consume more and fate will do the rest. I quote from my friend’s email,

“In our environmental crisis the sun is the problem, not the earth. This on a stellar, maybe even galactic or cosmic scale and this could be seen as us (the solar system) moving toward higher energy area’s or levels of the galaxy/draco stellar system, in this material 3/4 or other, nonmaterial dimensions…Blaming this solely on human greed and stupidity, as the green movement tends to do, makes us direct responsible for the developing disasters. The earth is seen as an independent piece of the universe and we are to blame for not taking care. However, if the real problem is the sun in its stellar or galactic wanderings or energy cycles, then the scope of the situation is broadened and new questions and scenario’s arise…The relevance of the sun issue, as I stated in the beginning, is not merely hypothetical. Apart from the 2012 lore, the great shift as predicted by Maya’s, Hopi’s etc. (my guess is dec 29, 2011, however), now the ecological crisis can no longer be ignored and will have such enormous implications for our common psyche, that politicians, sociologists, psychologists and in fact nearly all scientists will have to deal with it. And maybe they will, as happened before in times of great upheaval, turn to the intradimensional specialists, the theologians, the priests, the mages and (true or false) prophets.”

Now that’s all very clear then. Just sit back and enjoy the ride in your Hummer!


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