Heathrow closed…Europe isolated…

…as the UK goes critical on the MI5 Richter scale of the new combined terror alert and shipping forecast. Sonia’s media empire has all the latest on Britain’s new splendid isolation. Once again our country needs lerts so if you want to be one send your holiday plans to “Arnie Blairo” 10 Downing Street Bunker, London or if you are stranded in Europe we recommend you hitchhike to the Costa Brava. Think of all the pollution these lerts are saving by closing down Heathrow. So all the femails can’t get to Rotterdam to make themselves young and beautiful again with stem cell embryos.

We have discovered a new personal search engine called Rollyo where you can roll your own search. “Rollyo offers the ability to search the content of a list of specified websites, allowing you to narrow down the results to pages from websites that you already know and trust.” (BBC World) We have also set up a few radio stations on Pandora with the help of a friend in NYC so happy listening. The stations are also on a button on Ceridwen Jazz where you can escape the lerts and watch some Jimi Hendrix. Have fun!


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2 Responses to Heathrow closed…Europe isolated…

  1. sonia says:

    Ya Know – I just noticed one isn’t allowed to take CONTACT LENS SOLUTION on board a plane anymore…ho ho i bet that will cause more trouble than anything else..

    I think this is a good time to start highlighting eco-travel options..

  2. I always thought this whole business was a conspiracy by the opticians to get us all to wear spectacles. Eco travel? Stay at home maybe?

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