Random thoughts of an Amsterdam squatter…

…through the eyes of a tourist. When you live in this strange city you get used to it like everything else over time. Then you get a visitor from home who sees the world you live in through different eyes. The cookie jar is so tempting with its magic mushrooms and ganja, the coffee shops and the scantily clad young girls in the red light windows. You realise how weird the backdrop to your life really is and you crave the ordinary and the banal. A quiet sober cup of tea in the garden. A break from philosophising the universe. A beach, a mountain or a beer with an old friend. You become aware that your normality is a box of magic for the many visitors who pass through this city. Getting stoned like everything else is subject to the law of diminishing returns and fresh water is often found by travelling in a totally new direction. Tell that to the shell-shocked tourists walking backwards as they take pictures in the middle of the road, a hazard to shipping and traffic. Stay home , people. This freak show is also no escape route. It’s just another point of view. This crossroads is dedicated to Papa Legba. Stand on it at your own risk.


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3 Responses to Random thoughts of an Amsterdam squatter…

  1. Mike E says:

    Funny, I was a hazard to shipping & traffic in your strange city once. Bike traffic, mainly…I was always too stoned to keep it straight in my brain about how the sidewalk & bike-way were not the same thing. Almost got my pristine American ass run over more than once that way…

    We have people who come from cities like New York to look at the trees in Vermont. And they drive like total assholes! I pretty much figured the Locals in Amsterdam felt the same way about stoned American tourists as we do about the ‘leaf peepers’ here in Vermont.

    Turns out I was right, eh? Oh well…Tourists suck all over I guess. That said, I wouldn’t trade that week in Amsterdam for anything…


  2. Cool. We had a nice visitor today. She’s an artist in NYC and quite an activist too. For me it is the feeling that everything becomes normal over time and how new people change your perspective that is so interesting.

  3. Mike E says:

    True true — guess that’s why they come here from New York to look at trees, too.

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