Blogpoets…sad, joyless people in their underwear…

…as the BBC tries once again to fathom out why do we do it. I am in Amsterdam’s public library so I don’t think it’s a good idea to sit here in my Tony Blair designer summer holiday underwear. Might attract too much attention from security. It’s been a busy week in the Russian squat with lots of very nice visitors from Poland, including the Funky Monkey DJ, who played for us during the funniest mushroom trip I’ve had in years. I definitely believe that giggling is very healthy. Comrades, eat Thai shrooms and giggle and change the world. Pluto the planet is no more. So bye, bye Pluto. Rachel is asking us to pass on the word and defend free speech so if you’re in London on the day go for it. Tonight I’ll be defending my right to be silly again in the third party of the week. Saturday is Soma mushroom tea time so I’m looking forward to some silly blogging in my underwear on the weekend. Joli weekend, mes amis!


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One Response to Blogpoets…sad, joyless people in their underwear…

  1. Mike E says:

    Yep. ‘Cause Pluto ain’t nuthin but a dumb rock & a Poser!

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