Hemp farming approved in California…

…according to the Organic Consumers Association. “California farmers could legally grow industrial hemp under a bill approved by the state Senate that distinguishes it from a widely grown distant cousin: marijuana.
Hemp ‘bears no more resemblance to marijuana than a poodle bears to a wolf,” said Sen. Tom McClintock, a Republican. “You would die from smoke inhalation before you would get high.’ ” NY Times With thanks to Soma for these links as well as the following mad story about a Pastor in Switzerland who has been held in custody since June 8 2006. David Schlesinger is a pastor with the SMCS, the Sacred Mushroom Church of Switzerland. “We won’t explain the mode of functioning of the mushrooms in detail here, but many people don’t have doubts, that these mushrooms change the consciousness in a way, that they can be applied as a cure against different forms of mental illness and have the power to lead their users to religious experiences.
The imprisonment of David Schlesinger is taken by us as a clear infringement of the human rights, because it is based on laws, which limit the freedom of religion, guaranteed by international human right and national constitution, and these laws are obviously specifically designed to limit this freedom.” says the church. After my own experiences with mushrooms this weekend and many times before I feel this a clear case of oppression. So on one side of the globe a small piece of progress is made while on the other side of the pond a man is in jail for his beliefs. Also still in custody is Gene Wilhelm, here in Amsterdam, where the government want to keep him inside for one year just because he is eccentric and does not conform to the norm and is therefore seen as a threat to society because of a dispute with his landlord. So free Gene and David!


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