Inca mystics…

…in Amsterdam. I’ve linked up again with my Inca friend from Peru and we were talking about the beautiful philosophy of her people. They have two basic concepts, love and knowledge and believe in sharing their wisdom and their property. For the Incas gold was something pretty that you gave to someone as a present. It had no monetary value. The Incas of Peru and Bolivia love plants and nature and have much wisdom when it comes to healing and using sacred medicines. Since Eva Morales became the president of Bolivia their world is changing and native South Americans are asserting their rights. Through serendipity I have become part of this process and find it a great joy to be working again with these wonderful people. So now I’m doing an intensive course in Spanish and Ceri is doing the same in Catalunya at the moment. Maybe we can find a way to link our Spanish project to Peru and Bolivia. The project in Lima is a women’s co-op that tries to provide education and work and a home for Inca women who would otherwise have nothing. It’s a wonderful idea.


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