Blair to do duo with Cliff Richard?…

…As the poodle’s popularity wanes sister Rachel has been speculating on Tony Blair’s sanity. Apparently rumours are circulating about the imminent capture of Bin Laden. So things are hotting up in the spin machine. The plan is quite simple. After Bin Laden’s recent capture by American special forces in our garden just around the corner from their consulate, Ceridwen Devi Media can now confirm plans to release a podcast recording of Tony Blair and Cliff Richard singing “Summer Holiday.” The accompanying video will show secret Pentagon Play Station war games and tasteless pictures of the victims of war. Our previous posting on independent media in a time of war is a good introduction to all this nonsense. I’m still reeling from watching it at least six times. Does anyone have an answer for the child in Baghdad who asked how it could get its arms back? I don’t know and I used to work in an operating theatre as a nurse.


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