Blogpoets…the purpose of life…on OneWebDay…

Sonia is back and asking what it’s all about. I’ve been wondering that this week. The life support machine that was keeping a friend at a temperature of 34 degrees was turned off yesterday. The damage to the brain was too severe and so the decision was made to terminate treatment. She leaves behind a 12 year old son. I wish him strength and the best future life can offer and hope that he copes with the shock and sadness as best he can. This week has seen Exxon being criticised by the Royal Society for distorting the facts about our life support system, Planet Earth. Today Sir Richard Branson has announced that he will be donating the profits of Virgin to research into renewable energy sources. I knew Richard once back in the sixties before he set up Virgin Records in Oxford Street. Nice to see he’s finally doing something useful. Today is OneWebDay so here’s a big thank you to Tim Berners Lee who invented the World Wide Web. The web has changed my life and turned me into a blogging nerd, which is cool as I don’t bore my friends quite so much with my rants. I bore the blogosphere instead. The Bobster has just written the mother of all 500th blog postings. Congrats, Bob and keep ’em coming! Ceri is still up in the mountains of Spain and I’m thinking maybe it’s time to join her. Once I settle my affairs in the world’s largest open psychiatric clinic, Amsterdam, I’ll be putting on my walking boots too and doing a tour of Europe’s internet cafes. I hope to leave at the latest before all the ice melts in Greenland and this place is under water.


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2 Responses to Blogpoets…the purpose of life…on OneWebDay…

  1. Mike E says:

    Find it’s hard to communicate with anyone who doesn’t blog. Which none of my real-world friends do…

    This after blogging my buns off oh since way back in June!!

    Went out to a bar tonight and swear I didn’t speak a word until a conversation struck up between me & a distant acquientence who happens to work Online, feeding the history of US Congress into some up & coming search engine.

    A different dialect but the man spoke my language. Tried to explain to someone right afterward how I actually had a conversation. But they just looked at me funny…

    I like you leighton because you Get It. I believe this all has changed your life because I’ve no doubt it saved mine. It’s transportive & weird. A bit fascinating too.

    Stay curious.

  2. Blogging is a totally new way of communicating for sure. We have to use words with care because we don’t have the backup of body language or other non-verbal cues. I often get a surprise when I see a picture of a fellow blogger as I had already made my own picture in my mind and it was often totally different.

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