Bye, bye Donner and Dekker…

…as the two Dutch government ministers who carry the responsibility for the Schiphol Airport fire where 11 immigrants died in October 2005 had to resign. Dekker was also the minister who wanted to make squatting illegal so good riddance, Sybilla. Today I went to the anti-war demo on the Museumplein in Amsterdam. Not many turned up. In Manchester today the Stop The War Coalition had said that it was expecting about 100,000 to join the protest on the eve of the Labour Conference. These are numbers Amsterdam can only dream of.
The march was beginning in Albert Square outside the city’s town hall, before heading down Lower Mosley Street, Deansgate, Market Street, Cross Street and back to Albert Square for a rally. At least in Britain there is a credible and active opposition to the war. Blair’s days are numbered and now it is a matter of hoping that the next Prime Minister does not want to carry on in the poodle business. I’m not sure that Gordon Brown fits the bill. But then neither does anyone else in New Labour. Maybe we need a fair election? Dream on.
Stop The War Coalition


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