New beginnings…

…The last few weeks have been very hectic and intense. For the first time in a few years I’ve been doing my old job of being a nurse and getting to know the Dutch psychiatric care system. Three emergencies in one week gave me a glimpse into the way things work here. When it comes to emergencies the Dutch can be far less bureaucratic than their reputation. The last mushroom tea was a very sobering and clear experience. I was left with a very deep impression of making a new start after all of my values had been challenged in recent months. I’ve had the seven year itch and it’s left me very stratchy indeed. So what does it all mean. First of all I feel somehow physically very different, healthier and less prone to minor aches and pains. I sleep well and I eat well and get plenty of excercise and I meditate a lot. Never felt better in years. Many people around me seem to be going through intense traumas and crises yet I feel like the eye of the storm. I find myself turning more and more to the Western mystery tradition and its wisdom. The Hermetica and the Neo-Platonists in particular. We also have a great tradition of love for life and wisdom passed down from the days of Pythagoras. Perhaps we now need this wisdom more than ever as we face a global climate and energy crisis. Change begins with small things. I’m living with three young children at the moment. Interacting with them is fun and a great joy and they teach me much each day. I’m beginning to feel like a child again myself. Perhaps that’s the secret. Never to grow up but instead remain in the beginner’s mind where there are so many possibilities?

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  1. Mike E says:

    It’s so beautiful a day here in Vermont. The leaves are orange red & purple. The air is chill but a clear blast of sunshine feels to want so vigorously to keep one warm.

    Still, lose footing on the psychic terrain and you may as well be in Baghdad or Congo.

    All alone. To everyone else it’s the finest day a year offers — nothing to complain about but how the tourists all drive like assholes.

    Someone wants to shake them from rose-drenched slumber & scream ‘WAKE Up!! Don’t you know how fucked up everything is??’ Someone else wants to shake the trauma-borne and scream ‘Can’t you see the BEAUTY? No time for your bad day Please!!’

    Guess some few of us have had just Hard Knocks enough to know a sweet ray of sunshine when we see one.

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