Tibet comes to Amsterdam…

…next Thursday when we receive a visit from my good friend Geshe Thupten who will be teaching us meditation and Tibetan Buddhadharma and telling us about his project to help support poor and aging Tibetan refugees in India. This should be an exciting weekend as it is also mushroom teatime next week as well. I’m not quite sure how the two things will mix but it should be fun. My Portugese friend told me a lovely story. He had no money and asked a girl on Dam Square for a cigarette and she replied, “I already have a boyfriend!” This 24/7 in your face city never lets up with surprises. This has been a gruelling week with loads of what the Dutch call Afspraak which translates roughly as meetings full of loads of blah, blah, blah. At the the end of the week I feel no further forward than at the beginning except for the excitement of reading the Swipe’s sitemeter which was all about pee. The Hannster’s been in the big A which sounds like it was fun. So joli weekend, mes amis.


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