UPC sucks…

…Today I watched UPC customer service live in action. It was not a pretty sight. They managed to bring a friend of mine to tears, their customer service was so bad. Loads of phone calls. At least three times the UPC staff member hung up on my friend and they broke an agreement they made to promise to fix her internet connection. Now my friend depends on the internet for her work and so she had to run up two thousand pounds of mobile charges while her internet service was down. Did UPC care? Not one bit. Instead they broke their agreement to repair her connection free of charge. UPC only provided a modem in her celler, which I presume is where the Dutch surf the net. You have to pay extra to have the connection in your room. What I found amazing was their rudeness. After three hours (yes I timed it) of phone calls they managed to do precisely nothing. But wait, it was only their sixth repair visit after all. So my friend cancelled the service and will now have to search for another provider and run up extra expenses. In a straw poll of people I know I could find nobody who had one decent word to say about this company. So I guess UPC sucks.


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3 Responses to UPC sucks…

  1. Mike E says:

    Hey Leighton…What does sapere aude mean?

    Good luck with your computer pain in the ass…I plan to buy laptops for a thousand friends when I’m rich — first thing!

    Mike E

  2. Sapere aude is Latin and means dare to think. Thanks to a FON router we solved the problem and my friend now has free shared internet.

  3. ALat says:

    You are right, UPC sucks… pretty much.
    I am wondering how much did you pay for the call…
    called their call center, spent at least 40€ and they were not able to solve my problem… i believe they make it on purpoise. waste other people time and get their money is their favourite sport! they should close down the whole call center facility and go home.

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